What Is Coaching?
Coaching is about empowering people to being the best they can possibly be, Simply, it involve setting realistic goals and seeing them through with the help and support and sounding board of a Coach. It works on the principle that the client has the resources within to solve its problems. Coaching will address the client’s whole life or organization. Together, the client and the coach will establish a set of goals which will become part of their ongoing framework leading to their successful outcome. As coaching is very action based it is a very empowering process for both the client and the coach. At its core is success, and being the best you can possibly be.

Individual coaching
At some point in everyone’s life, they feel a little unsure, despondent or lacking in confidence. Life coaching is primarily for individuals who want to appraise their life, see where they are going, rebuild and empower themselves. There are a number of reasons why someone might seek the assistance of a coach.

  • Career moves, should I stay or should I go.
  • Life work balance, no time for family and friends.
  • Weight loss, is it time to get fit, and loss a few pounds?
  • Loss of confidence, due to unemployment, loss of relationship
  • Low self-esteem

Commercial Coaching
Commercial coaching, works on the same principles as individual coaching. Establishing goals, is often seen as the easy bit in corporate coaching. The key is often establishing the goals that are workable throughout the organization, including all departments and teams, which basically means that you need to get all personnel singing from the same hymn-sheet.
NewInsights methods
Stage one involves meeting with the CEO, and key management, to establish management requirements and goals.  Following on from that we meet all key management individually as well as in groups or team.  This is often where the skills of NewInsights can offer more than just corporate coaching. If there are any tensions or grievances, which in the real world always are, that could sabotage the objectives which have been set out, these be nipped in the bud through NewInsights skills at mediation and facilitation.
Stage two involves testing how realistic and workable the goals are, what needs to change, what assistance, training and support may be required. Do the goals need to be tweaked a bit?  This is an essential skill in corporate coaching, what we are looking for is a working agreement that builds both the individuals’ and the organisation’s esteem and profile and promotes creativity which always leads to productivity and a happier working environment..
Stage three is a review of what opportunities have emerged from this process.  We look at what we have created. Do we need to do more, look at other areas, or just consolidate what has been achieved?
Stage four ties up any loose ends and identifying areas that may need work in the future, understanding what has been learned from this process and how we now communicate and get things done. Coaching helps people define their own personal vision, for their future and supports them to head confidently towards those goals. Coaches set out to help clients clearly define their goals and find the best solutions for their situation

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is an energetic combination of dispute resolution and coaching techniques. As in the other two modes ( Business and Individual )  the work begins with clients on a one-on-one basis, the coach supports their clients to resolve , manage, and prevent difficult situations in the workplace or in their lives. They will learn to Indentify the different styles and approaches to conflict that they are dealing with. As emotions are usually the driving force behind conflict it is important for the individual to understand there own relationship with conflict, the part they play in either preventing or engaging. A conflict coach will work with the emotional intelligence of the individual, as well as the day to day handling of these situation, that can stilt the growth and development of any organisation or relationship.