Introduction to NewInsights

Hello. My name is Claire Kearney and I am the principal of NewInsights.

Throughout this web site you will find a range of services from Mediation, Coaching and Counselling to Facilitation and Teambuilding.  At NewInsights we believe that the core of every organisation, every school, group and workplace, what constantly makes the difference is the people.  NewInsights is about empowering people to be ‘The best they can possibly be’.

Although you might come to this site feeling confused, oppressed or angry, if you are visiting this site, then something is not ok with you, or in your workplace.  Human nature being what it is, we either go inwards and blame ourselves, or go outwards and go into conflict. Finding the balance between the two is probably what we all struggle for in Life. What makes NewInsights different from mediation or coaching organisations is that we have a wide skill set encompassing Mediation, Facilitation, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Counselling. This broad competence lets us work on all issues and to develop a holistic solution to personal or organizational issues.

I hope that what you find on these pages assists you in your search for a solution to your issue. I feel certain that our services will help you so please feel free to call and discuss.